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Dog Walking & Pet Care


Dog Walking

Walks are more than just exercise.

Besides being a great outlet to exert some energy, they can be a way to familiarize a newly acquired dog with his new neighborhood. Allows a bathroom break for personalities that require crating or containment. Provides opportunities for new situations to help work towards desirable behavior. And it can break up a long day for them when you know you won't be able to come home quite as soon as you would like. 

Pet Sitting

When your beloved family member can't join you on vacation, you want to be reassured that they will be well cared for while you're away. 

Any variety of pet, any size, any temperament.



It's very important that you know that I am NOT A GROOMER! Trust me, you don't want me to cut your pet's hair if you intend for it to look good. I can, however, perform many of the necessary procedures that help keep pets clean, comfortable, and healthy.