“Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

- George Eliot

Cats and other small animals

As independent as they can be, kitties still love to be loved, or at least fed often. As for your other small pets, they, too, need thorough and adequate care when you can't be there yourself. Care for them will include 2 check-ins a day for feeding, watering, litter or cage clean-up, any medication that needs to be administered, and enough time for your pet to be loved and adored.


up to 2 small animals  -  $30 / day

3+ small animals  -  $35 / day


Dogs and other large animals

Pet sitting for dogs and larger pets includes 2 check-ins a day for feeding, watering, treating, medicating,  walking/exercising, and waste clean up.

BONUS: prices for dogs/large pet sitting includes the care of 2 small animals.


up to 2 dogs/large animals  -  $50 / day

3+ dogs/large animals  -  $ 55 / day


Overnight pet sitting

Some pets need the reassurance of having a loving human with them more often than without. Overnight stays include extended care along with all other services mentioned above. Dog friendly dogs are eligible to receive overnight care in MY home for a comfortable alternative to boarding. 


for all animals in the household  -  $75 / night