Natalie is the best, she has watched Buster for us on multiple occasions. She always treats him with the same love as her own dogs. Buster always is excited to see her, and almost seems sad to come home! He is given the love and attention he deserves when we are away. Her home is set up as a nuetral territory and her own pack is very accepting of new friends. I will never have to stress about pet care again.

- Frank C.



Natalie reposted a picture of a sweet dog about to be put down. I instantly fell in love and we adopted her (G.G.). We already had 2 dogs and perhaps ignorance is sometimes bliss but in this instance maybe not. I could not foresee the trauma this little girl felt once I had to leave for work. While we did have a few plans on what to do with her while we both went to work, we quickly found out some of those things would not work. She was not crate trained and I couldn't leave her outside with my other 2 larger dogs until they all were comfortable with each other. The moment I walked out the front door, she carried on, broke out of the crate, chewed up our plantation shutters and just cried incessantly. I looked up Natalie's number on her webpage and called her and left a message of what I'm sure sounded like a frantic mother with a new baby who didn't know what to do.  Long story short, we ended up taking G.G. to Natalie's during the day until the 3 dogs got used to each other. Words cannot express enough what an awesome person Natalie is. G.G. came to LOVE going to her house, sometimes not wanting to come home. Watching Natalie with all the different dog personalities and sizes is amazing. She has a calm and easy going demeanor and if it had not been for her I don't know what I would've done. G.G. recently had to have a little eye lid surgery and we were able to take her back to Natalie's to be watched during the day while she recovered. Once she healed and she didn't need to be watched anymore, for the next week G.G. would run to our gate thinking she was going back to see her Natalie.

- Katherine F.

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